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People Watching

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(instagram…. duh)

So we finally made it inside the door of Vin 909 on a Saturday night. I’d like to declare it a once in a lifetime victory for me. Mainly because it is the last time I’m going to deal with that nonsense on a weekend. I think we waited for a table for two hours. Meaning we ended up eating most of our meal at the bar.

People watching….. never gets old.

I found my adopted grandpa. He was dressed head to toe in Connecticut casual. A real life, superhero version of Carl Fredricksen. (any Pixar fans out there?) He had on the cutest little salmon pink bow tie  Probably Vineyard Vines, that adorable old man. His coat, most definitely two or three times my age, had elbow patches. Elbow patches! I love it! The authenticity of worn leather elbow patches on an octogenarian…. makes the rest of us look like fools. Nobody rocks the elbow patch like grandpa. Oh, his hat! The perfect little newsboy. Eek!

Grandpa stood at the edge of the bar all night. Eventually a group of lesser old men- certainly not as well dressed- joined him. They drank their wine. Mixed in with the crowd. But grandpa maintained his status as coolest person at the wine bar. Somewhere along the way, he undid his bow tie. How cool. It just hung there. All preppy and classy. I love it. And I’m pretty sure grandpa closed down the bar. He didn’t look like he was going anywhere when we left at 11. 

There were other interesting species to feast on, too. The 18 year old with her 60 year old boyfriend. Creepy. Oh, the dude who was more interested in my friend than the girlfriend ignoring him on the other side of the table. Men. Bitchy girlfriends. Ugh. But nobody cooler than grandpa, rocking the joint with those elbow patches.

I should’ve asked him about Ellie. Good luck on your endeavors, Carl Fredricksen. I’m glad you stopped into our local winecafe this weekend. 

{this officially concludes our quest to take over Vin 909… we fall defeated to your wild popularity…. we just can’t compete with your snazzy clientele, I suppose)

Baked Brie and Matthew Crawley

We kind of had Saturday night all planned out. Date night at Vin 909. We’d both eaten dinner already so we were going to try the whole sit-at-the-bar-and-drink-good-wine-and-then-maybe-order-something-sweet kind of thing. It would be good.

Friends. We couldn’t even get in the door. Insanity. So, while hiding our disappointment behind those “it’s not the end of the world” statements which make us look way cooler than everyone else freezing their tushes off waiting outside for a table, we shuffled back to the car. We’d find somewhere else.

Well, apparently all of greater Annapolis went downtown Saturday night because parking was a nightmare. For the record, we don’t use the parking garages. Only tourists pay for parking. Except this particular night when our favorite hidden parking lot had a tow truck waiting inside of it. A TOW TRUCK! I’ve used this lot for a decade and I’ve never seen a tow truck!!!

Beaten, we headed for home. Date night ruined. But, because sometimes I think quick on my feet, we ended up in the wine store buying a rather delicious Spanish varietal. Then, oh, look, we can just walk across the way to Whole Foods and pick ourselves up some cheese.

And that is how we ended up spending our Saturday night at home eating an entire round of baked brie while watching the Christmas Special once again, trying to convince ourselves that it’s not that disappointing. Well, it is. Stupid Downton Abbey. We aren’t amused.

But, hey, I took some pictures of our ever so elaborate spread!

photo photo31-1_zps24866424.jpg

photo photo30-1_zps64bfc8dc.jpg

In Which I Date…


Friends. I went on a date with a super tall, handsome ginger who took me to a wine bar where we drank fancy blends under a heat lamp on a patio and discussed world peace.

Well, sort of. Alex and I have places. Vin 909 wasn’t one of them. Vin 909 actually belongs in the category of “my best friend places”. Ariel, Stephanie and I love a good Vin 909 date. And I kept telling myself I needed to take Alex.

Vin 909 isn’t really in downtown Annapolis which keeps the tourists away. I hate tourists. Lies. I don’t hate tourists. I just like that we have a few “secrets” that us locals can steel away to when tourist season gets out of hand.

I digress. Back to my date. Friday night Alex went all debaucherous on me and spent the night out at a bachelor party. I’m heading to bed at 1am after doing some major blogging (don’t judge, you’ve done it before, too) when I get a phone call. “Can you pick me up?” So with chattered teeth I jumped in the car wishing I had his car with its awesome heated seats and I made my way into town to pick his inebriated self up (along with a Jimmy Johns sandwich I come to find out). His friend’s apartment complex is around the corner from Vin 909. So it dawned on me.


Hence my date to Vin 909. All because we had to go into town to pick up Alex’s car the next day. This place amazes me. Their wine list is awesome and it’s the one place I’d ever consider ordering by the glass instead of the bottle because their prices are fair and their selection is unbelievable.

As is their menu. We ordered their house salad (I’m a sucker for blue cheese) and The St. Nick pizza (appropriate, right?). The pizza was incredible. And this is coming from someone who is a craft pizza snob. I was nervous about eating pizza with honey drizzled over it but it was nothing short of perfection. Oh, and then we had ourselves a delicious french pressed dessert. We get all giddy over french pressed coffee. And the stronger the better.

I forgot to mention. My date was extremely understanding and let me practice my photography skills on an otherwise intimate occasion. :)

(after these first few courtesy of instagram!)


(I’m getting so used to that receding hairline on him that I’m beginning to consider it sexy…)





Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicholas…. Best pizza ever. I mean, look at Alex’s reaction.




*sidenote: proof that I can scour through my closet and find a great outfit worthy of a great date out of clothes from season’s past. & proof that sticking to the classics and avoiding the fads is the ONLY way to go. so go thank Audrey (& J.Crew & Anthropologie… shame on my champagne taste) ;)*