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The Sunday Currently {45}

So, after three failed painting attempts, I finally found a paint color I liked for our bathroom. It’s darker and bluer than I thought I wanted, but I’m liking it way more than my original ideas. Thank you, Restoration Hardware for having the best colors (in this case: Gravel). Thank you, Sherwin Williams, for matching said colors for half the price (in this case: Steely Gray). Now, a word of advice: don’t paint a bathroom after a long weekend of partying. Unless you want to increase your headache with paint fumes…photo photo8_zps2b4577a0.jpg

reading The American Heiress, which was recommended to me when I mentioned being in a Downton Abbey funk. It’s alright. It reads like a young adult novel with particularly terrible writing, but the story is entertaining enough. I’ll keep reading.

listening the television on in the living room. Alex found this show about extreme treehouses and he’s hooked. I kind of like it, too.

smelling air conditioning. Although I would love it if Mother Nature would pretty please make it cool enough that I can smell the outdoors without melting to death. That would be lovely.

loving the surprise party we threw for my best friend, Katie, who just came home from a year in Afghanistan. What I’m not loving? The hangover. Turns out we really are closer to 30 than to college… whew. How did we do that?

thinking that it would be rather nice to have another long weekend. Even though I only worked four days this past week, they were incredibly busy and very long. I guess that’s what happens when you have three major projects simultaneously on your plate. I earned this weekend, that’s for sure.

needing to get back into a blogging routine. Please refer above to that statement about having three major projects simultaneously. To be honest, the last thing I’ve wanted to do most of the time these past weeks is blog. I’m currently spending all of my time at work on blogging projects and I’ve been anti-computer in my spare time. But, I miss this little place. I’m coming back.

wanting somebody to come in and throw a fresh coat of pain on the trim around our house. Painting the bathroom this week made me realize just how dingy the trim looks. And I’m not about to tackle that project. No way.

wishing I hadn’t completely ruined my healthy eating/ disciplined workout schedule this weekend. Whew. I did a number in that department. But, you know, welcoming your friend back to American after wayyyyyyy too long is worthy of endless carbs and a few too many drinks. Right?

hoping the little grocery fairies will flutter over to the store for me tonight because I’m not leaving this house and the fridge is nearly empty.

feeling hmmmmm. I think I touched on this already. The term is hung-over. (Insert groaning sad face here.)

wearing an old Orioles tee and my soccer shorts from way back in high school. Love those things. And my O’s.

writing posts. No, seriously. That’s my plan for this evening. Blog posts. I promise.

clicking all over Bloglovin. I am going to be honest- I’m way behind on all of your blogs. I vow to catch myself up this week. This is the truth. :)

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The Sunday Currently {44}

I’m being extra friendly to summer so that it will leave me in peace. It’s time for fall to put a stamp on my life… plus, we’re experimenting with iphoneography on this lovely _a_zps0913b6c4.jpg

reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. I bought it awhile back and I’m slowly working my way through it. The one downside of leaving the classroom for a computer 8+ hours a day is that my eyes are constantly exhausted. And going. Glasses are in my future. The husband is adding me to his vision plan as soon as open enrollment comes around. Yeeuppp. My dream is finally coming true. Watch out, Warby Parker. This girl’s gonna need glasses!

listening to Jaymay “Gray or Blue” which is such a lovely little tune.

smelling nail polish. Yuck. On the plus side, all 20 little buggers are filed, cleaned and colored.

loving the productive day I’ve already had. We fell asleep mega early yesterday (read: 8:00) and we woke up bright, early, and ready to conquer the day. I love it.

thinking how wonderful Labor Day will be. Oh, to have a three day weekend.

needing to run back out and buy pine nuts. You guys. I’m an idiot. We harvested about 4 packed cups of basil today in plans to make a ton of pesto. And guess who forgot the pine nuts? This girl.

wanting my commute to stop growing. It’s officially a full hour to get to work on most days. Sometimes even longer. Which is fine as long as it stops right there!!!

wishing I was still enjoying And the Mountains Echoed on audiobook, but I’m just not. It’s rather disjointed and I know it will come together in the end, but I only have two CD’s left and it’s still just a crazy, character heavy mess. I quit. Seriously. Somebody can tell me how it ends. I’m way over it. This book is no Kite Runner, I’m sorry to say.

hoping for a slower week. Last week was on overdrive. 

feeling hungry but I really want to hold out until dinnertime.

wearing this super awesome t-shirt I bought for $4 at Walgreens in Michigan. I am not even kidding you. Oh, and I am also wearing brand new, well, you know, intimates. Seriously, people. Let’s get real. That feeling after you do a total overhaul of your intimate drawer and fill it with new, lovely, fresh little things. Oh, I love it!

writing a little bit later. Right now we’re catching up on History Channel’s The Story of Us. Anyone else love that show? I feel so smart when I watch it.

clicking through some of my favorite blogs. It’s good to catch up on what everyone’s writing about.

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The Sunday Currently {43}

washed out kitten love….photo photo84_zps598f7236.jpg

reading And the Mountains Echoed on audiobook. Alex and I started it on our way to Michigan but never finished listening. I’ll be finishing it this week at work.

listening the dryer tumble around and around.

smelling rain. We left Maryland to rain and we came home to rain. 

loving Baci and Misha quite a bit today. We came home at 4:30 this morning to two of the happiest kittens in the world. We spent over an hour cuddling with them before we finally went to bed. With the rain and everything, it’s a great day to be lazy with the cats.

thinking about how calm and relaxed we were in Michigan. Things are slower up there- and not just because we were on vacation. It’s good to have that reminder every once in awhile that the hustle of DC doesn’t exist everywhere.

needing to detox. I’m juicing the next three days. Vacation did a number on me.

wanting just a day longer to recoup before heading to work. It isn’t happening, but I sure could use it!

wishing we had higher ceilings. I know that sounds crazy, but everywhere we were in Michigan- our family cottage, my mom’s house, my grandma’s house…. all of these places have great ceilings and I realized just how claustrophobic “normal” ceilings really make me feel. In fact, our old apartment had taller ceilings and I loved it there, too. I need taller ceilings. How do I make this happen?

hoping I find some time this afternoon to prep the tons of blog posts I haven’t scheduled for you quite yet. Vacation made me a baaddddd blogger.

feeling a bit tired. Even with the sleep this morning, driving through the night is exhausting.

wearing my husband’s tee and my cutoffs. The “quick, run to the store and buy a few groceries” sort of outfit.

writing posts. Posts, posts and more posts. I promise.

clicking through my favorite blogs to get caught up. I haven’t read a single blog in a few weeks. Bad, bad, bad Tina.

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The Sunday Currently {42}

The view from above Sunday Morning viewing…. photo photo62_zps8af5acc9.jpg

reading the same stuff from last weekend. I plan on finishing Bringing Up Bebe tonight and Bill Bryson’s At Home is still accompanying my daily commute. I really love At Home because it’s a complete history of domesticity and all things human. It’s fascinating. I come home with about 5 new random facts to share with Alex every night. Here’s a good one: Thomas Edison thought his best invention was concrete furniture. CONCRETE FURNITURE. Seriously, Edison? Poor dude.

listening to Candles by Daughter. It’s beautiful.

smelling lavender. I’m going to pick it all before my lavender has a chance to grow back. It smells so amazing..

loving how much clutter we threw out yesterday. The house is cleaner and feels a lot larger now that we’ve cleaned out all of the junk. I hate clutter. Dust collectors be warned…. 

thinking my closet is next. I had a closet sale here on this blog about this same time last year and it seemed to be rather successful. My wardrobe’s totally shifted since starting this new job and I’m living in only my most structured, business-y clothes. Some things just won’t get use any longer. Yes, I think a closet sale could be in the future.

needing Michigan. Good thing that’s happening soon enough.

wanting these milder temperatures to ride us straight into September. I’m rather happy with this summer. It’s definitely cooler (well, maybe it’s better to say not as hot and humid rather than “cooler”) than usual.

wishing for a simpler life. Sometimes, on the weekend, I can play make believe and let it happen. But it’s so difficult where we live to have a simple life.

hoping for a smooth week because my mind has already hit the fast-forward button to Michigan.

feeling funny after watching George Takei’s segment on Sunday Morning. I always felt like the Japanese internment camps were shoved away in a sentence or two of our history books. Listening to him remember his childhood in those camps made me ill.

wearing ancient black shorts and this sweater that I bought in three colors. It just screams weekends at home to me. You’ve seen it make an appearance on The Sunday Currently before.

writing a posts for this week and next. Summer’s kept me mildly inspired and I’m feeling a great deal of inspiration this morning. Time to take advantage of this spike!

clicking through Pandora. I’m in the need of a new station to listen to. Any suggestions?

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The Sunday Currently {41}

Lazy Sunday mornings sans husband call for books in bed…. photo photo22_zpsd7398ff4.jpg

reading quite a bit. I just devoured half of Bringing Up Bebe last night and I’m listening to Bill Bryson’s At Home on audiobook. Last night I downloaded The Brothers Karamazov to my phone and I’m hoping Alex will want to listen to it with me on our drive to Michigan in August.

listening to nothing. It’s so quiet here this morning.

smelling fresh lavender I picked from my flower bed. It’s so relaxing.

loving that I went for a run this morning. It was just on the cusp of being too hot and humid for me to want to go out and run, but it has been about a month since I’ve gone on a long run and it felt really nice to hit the pavement again.

thinking I should figure out what I’ll be wearing to Eastern Market later today. Brooke and I are going on an adventure this afternoon. It’s pretty hot out there….

needing a trip to the grocery store. Ugh. I despise the grocery store. It’s such a waste of my precious time.

wanting to be in Michigan with my brother and his girlfriend right now. They drove up Friday night. I’m pretty jealous.

wishing the cooler temps from earlier this week stuck around. It was absolutely glorious.

hoping Brooke doesn’t mind that I still need to throw on makeup, something to wear in this heat and eat breakfast before we head to Easter Market. I’m rather lazy today.

feeling well rested.

wearing my cutoffs and a lilac oxford just about identical to this one.

writing posts for this week. This blog was sadly neglected last week and I’m putting a stop to that nonsense. I have a lot to share with you.

clicking through Audible. I’m realizing my limits with the public library and their audiobook selection. I just wish Audible didn’t cost money!

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The Sunday Currently {40}

It’s times like this where I like to pretend I live in a big old house with a porch swing…. photo photo11_zps909e6e27.jpg

reading The Paris Wife on audiobook. It reminds me a lot of Loving Frank mixed up with that Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. I’ve only read one Hemingway novel and I loved it until the very last chapter when things get all depressing in true Hemingway fashion. I should read more of him, but I am still mad at him for ending a book so sadly.

listening to the birds singing. It’s a gorgeous day here in Virginia and our bed and breakfast has beautiful grounds. That’s where I’m sitting right now. It’s so peaceful.

smelling honeysuckle. The epitome of summer.

loving how beautiful this day’s turned out to be. We were going to hit up Luray Caverns today but we’ve changed our minds. Today’s the sort of day you must spend outdoors.

thinking how fortunate we’ve been recently. We just paid off three credit cards that have been looming over us for awhile now. It feels so good.

needing water…. we were at a concert at Veritas all night and I drank a whole lot of wine and not an ounce of water.

wanting this zero humidity perfectly breezy day to last forever. Goodness, this is the summer day of dreams!

wishing I’d worked out more this past week. Monday we were at my grandpa’s service all day and then didn’t fly back in until nearly midnight. It threw my whole week off. My energy levels have stayed super low.

missing my grandpa still. It’s getting better but he’s greatly missed.

hoping for a productive work week. I’m nearing the end (finally) of onboarding orientations at work and I am eager for the days when I begin to feel like I’m no longer “new” (good luck, that’s going to take at least a year but little by little….).

feeling a bit tired but not in a bad way. Moreso in a “let’s kick our feet up and just relax” sort of tired.

wearing some cutoffs and this lovely linen tee.

writing a lot. That’s one of my favorite parts of my new job. I type type type away all the time. I love it.

clicking the shutter on my camera. I’m trying to do a better job at taking pictures. I haven’t been practicing my photography skills as often as I should be.

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The Sunday Currently {39}

I call this the “quick, you can’t sleep in, we’ve got family to see and work to do” Sunday afterlight_zps099fb180.jpeg

reading Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. I picked it up from the library for my plane ride to Michigan and back. I’m enjoying it and it’s a quick read.

listening the hustle of the barista behind the counter of this espresso lounge. My dad and I stopped by super fast to both get work done. Naturally, I decided I could probably squeeze in a Sunday Currently post, too.

smelling mocha.

loving my family. I love them so much and even though we aren’t all together for Grandpa Colin’s service, it sure feels nice to be surrounded by each other.

thinking it’s going to be a difficult summer. My grandmother from my other side of the family isn’t doing very well. It’s a blessing, being up here to see her right now. I feel very blessed, actually.

needing laughter. It’s been the best medicine. The very best.

wanting to share so many posts with you all but I honestly won’t have the time to put them together before I return from Michigan. So much to do, so little time.

wishing… this is a bad time to answer that. I just lost my grandfather.

hoping that our website at work is back up and running for good. I ended up putting in some hours working over the 4th of July holiday when it crashed. My second week in the job and I was s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d.

feeling okay. It comes in spurts. One minute I’ll be laughing and forgetting about it all and the next minute I’m a wreck. I’ve never lost a grandparent before so any advice you can dole out, please, I am all ears.

wearing comfortable clothes. This short sleeve sweater I bought on super sale at J.Crew and some old cutoff shorts.

writing nothing. No time.

clicking nothing. No time.

And…. I just wrote this post in 4 minutes. #Winning. Off I go. Have a great Sunday!

The Sunday Currently {38}

the little girl doesn’t like smiling for pictures….photo IMG_58351_zps5c6230a2.jpg

and he’s such a fat, lovable tub of lard, that Mr. Baci… IMG_58331_zpsa38eaa58.jpg

pssssttttttt… Google Reader disappears with the start of July. Are you following Like Ordinary Life on Bloglovin’ yet?

reading Carry On, Warrior on audiobook. It’s exactly the book I needed about one year ago but I wouldn’t have been ready to hear it back then. This book is amazing. Glennon’s amazing. There are so many parts of her story, her “brutiful” story, that I relate very closely to, and now that I’m in what is arguably the happiest, most confident place of my entire life (truth, I tell you), I can listen to her story with an open ear. A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to believe her. Everyone needs to read this book. I might even make my husband read it, haha.

listening Pandora’s “Road Trippin’” radio station. They’ve created quite a few great summer hits stations. This one is so far my favorite.

smelling the thunderstorm and all of its wet, calming effects. It’s a lazy day.

loving my new job. I’m still formulating my thoughts around how it will feel in the long run. It’s the sort of job that never stops, because, well, social media never stops. So, I’m literally tied to my work via my work phone 24-7 (even on weekends) to keep an eye on our social media channels, but I don’t even mind. I don’t get it, really. If you told me to “keep an eye on work” after my work hours as a teacher, I’d quit. This must be what it feels like to be doing something you love. And, now that I’m out of it for real, it’s clear that I never loved teaching. But, that’s probably a blog post unto itself. So I’ll remind myself to explore that in depth a bit later.

thinking how nice it is to have someplace to wear my nicer, more structured business clothes for a change. Is it weird that they are the ones I always gravitate to on the racks? But, as a pre-k teacher, I would wear them for a day and then realize “that was stupid” as soon as I have to dodge my first paintbrush, or sit on the carpet with the little tikes. It really is nice to dress professionally. It fits me well.

needing to continue with my 6am workouts. Even with an hour long commute, I feel liberated by my 9-5 work hours. I can get a lot done before leaving the house at 8am. It’s working out great.

wanting to take back my excessive, four drink, liquid caloric intake last night. I don’t really get hangovers anymore, but what does happen is a terrible night’s sleep, followed by complete dehydration and I don’t particularly like that. Note to self: two drinks and be done. I don’t do that very often…. and the sad thing is my college self is laughing at me because, really, four drinks is nothing compared to those wild and crazy nights.

wishing the heat would cool off. When I woke up yesterday, my phone told me it was 66 degrees. Naturally, I jumped out of bed to go for a cool run. LIES. All lies! It was at least 85 degrees and pure humidity. I wanted to cry. That run was cut in half.

hoping for a great second week. It’s a short one. The office is closed both Thursday and Friday (!!!!! this makes me so happy!!!!) so I have three days to pull the final on-boarding strings together.

feeling proud of myself for this recent decision. I was torn so much between just sticking it out so we could move sooner and the empty feelings of not really liking my job. So, yes, in the end, this cements us to the DC area for quite a bit longer, but, the benefits outweigh that one fact. It was scary, at times, thinking about what I was doing when I took this job offer, but I am so glad I did it.

wearing all white. Just because. I don’t really know why.

writing an updated “about" section. It’s about time. ;)

clicking through your blogs! It’s been hard to keep up with this new job and everything. I’m still working on my work-life balance. Ironically, I can tell it’ll be better than it was when I was a teacher and had more free time. But, either way, I’m catching up this weekend!

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The Sunday Currently {37}

You can cut this humidity with a knife. Seriously. Can’t you see it? The ground is steaming. On the plus side, I match my hydrangeas. IMG_57031_zps47dc1e03.jpg

reading A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing… technically. I never opened it back up from last weekend. But starting tomorrow I’ll be venturing into The Lost Symbol on cd as the inaugural “I now have a 45-60 minute commute one way” jump back into audiobooks.

Listening to Britney Spears Pandora radio. The shame, I know, but I just finished a killer circuit workout and I may listen to that station during my workouts. Seriously. It’s a great workout station.

smelling some delicious lemon, lime and mint infused water. Cures all ailments. Especially the pain of a post-circuit workout.

loving this entire last week. Alex and I went on a tiny little vacation midweek followed by great times with some friends all weekend long. If I’m giving up my teacher summer for this job, well, I just made this past week pretty awesome. It’ll suffice.

thinking that I need to prep food for this upcoming work week. New beginnings are great jump starts to health kicks. And after this past week of vineyard hopping and brewery eating, I could use a nice, swift health kick in the rear.

needing to do more planks. Yes. I about died doing planks today. I survived, but not without bouts of nausea, sweat and tears. I loathe the plank.

wanting it to stop raining every time Alex and I want to have a meal outside on our patio. Sheesh. So uncool, Mother Nature.

wishing that the temps and humidity would drop every time it rains like it does in normal parts of the world. But not here. We’re built on a swamp.

hoping that my first venture into watermelon mint sorbet tonight works out alright. If it does, I’ll share it with you. You see, our herbs are growing like weeds (no, more than weeds) and I need to do something with them! Watermelon mint sorbet? Um. Yes.

feeling pretty calm about this new job thing starting tomorrow. Apparently, according to the hubcap, I’ve mellowed out like whoa since taking this job. It’s true, I think. I’m feeling very content with myself. It’s nice.

wearing pink. Never really owned any pink. Bought this shirt a week ago. Worn it almost every day. I kind of love it. Oh, and the world’s best maxi skirt. Sunday’s are for maxis. I’ve decided.

writing this week’s posts. I have a ton to share from our little vacation and a bit of other stuff, too. 

clicking on kind of nothing and that’s okay. Unless HBO Go counts. In which case, we’re clicking on True Blood like it’s our job. Not going to lie. Very disappointed in season 3… you know, the werewolf season. It’s like the writers got really lazy and decided to suck. Sorry, that’s just how I’m feeling right now.

outtake….. the mystery of the disappearing hand…. IMG_57051_zps200c4ac5.jpg

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The Sunday Currently {36}

Happy Father’s Day to this awesome guy. We love him so much.

photo IMG_56061_zps6e5a302a.jpg

reading A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. I started reading it at the pool yesterday and it’s a great, quick read. I’m really enjoying it.

Listening to Ben Howard. Decent stuff.

smelling absolutely nothing. Have I told you I’m allergic to dogs? It’s not terrible and it really depends on the breed, but we were at a house last night with two dogs and I could see the dog hair and I just knew…. sure enough. My eyes were itchy within thirty minutes. I always feel bad about having cats because so many people have cat allergies. But me? Dog allergies. Go figure.

loving Father’s Day. Our morning was of the bottomless Bloody Mary’s and eggs benedict under a wisteria tree sort. It was good.

thinking how lucky we’ve been that the weather’s stayed moderately humidity-free and just under the cusp of too hot recently. Goodness, I couldn't be happier.

wanting our house to stop falling apart! If it’s not the electric, it’s the plumbing, and if it’s not the plumbing, it’s the drywall. I’m telling you…. I’m commissioning our next home from scratch. These people didn’t know how to build a house.

needing an honest, cheap handyman. 

wishing the house was cleaned up so I could spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch finishing that book.

hoping you stick around tomorrow for my big news. I guess it’s not super big news, but it’s big for me. Some of you already know, but that’s okay, too.

feeling sun burnt. Thank goodness I left the aloe in the fridge from last summer. What a lifesaver.

wearing this old blue maxi dress I bought a couple years ago from J. Crew. It’s good for those lobster sun burn days.

writing posts for this entire week. Besides having to go in for a few hours tomorrow morning, vacation’s here and I plan on living every single moment of it. That requires blog posts all ready to go. One. two. three. Write.

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