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Life Moves Pretty Fast…


…. so check your leftovers….

Between the 9 to 5 and the errands and the Christmas shopping and the sleep and the workouts and the extra jobs and the life we’re trying to live, sometimes things just sort of, well, fall to the wayside. Like grocery shopping.

Thank God for Thanksgiving leftovers. May they carry us through this week with ease, satisfying our empty stomachs with reheated wonders. Or… not.

You see… my husband ate the gravy. He thought it was the butternut squash soup. And he joyfully ate that glass of turkey fat and flour while catching up on The Walking Dead the other night.

And this is how I know life moves pretty fast, friends.

It’s surely moving fast when you don’t even have time to scan the fridge to make sure what you’re holding is the butternut squash soup and not the gravy. And it must be moving at supersonic speeds if you’re too busy multitasking to realize that, why no, this does not taste like butternut squash

The moral of the story? Check your leftovers before you reheat them. Mystery leftovers aren’t always what you think they are….

& know that a quick game of Falldown on your new iphone will cure even the worst stomach ache once said gravy begins to digest….


(he’s obsessed, I swear)