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Blame It On the Bubbly

So when we went away for our anniversary last month, we reserved ourselves a table at The Old Mill Room, which is one of the nicest places to snag dinner in Charlottesville. The weekend of our wedding we stayed at Boars Head Inn and it was a positively lovey experience.Such a lovely experience that we ended up extending our trip by a night, booking a few extra spa treatments and almost, almost I say, taking a ride in their hot air balloon. But, alas, sometimes your better judgement sets in and you really shouldn’t spend all of your wedding gift cash on hot air balloon rides, right?

Here’s another background story you need in order to appreciate what I’m about to share with you. Two winters ago (I guess the first winter we were married?) we went on a weekend trip to the area with our good friends and neighbors, Bill and Brie. And Charlottesville was just a huge rumor mill back then because Patricia Kluge (an ex-call girl, married to a wealthy old man) had bankrupted her huge Kluge vineyard and all of the wine (good wine, I say) was selling for next to nothing. So, what ended up happening is Bill and Alex piled our car full of case after case of really good, super cheap wine. We’re talking bottles that sell for $100+, but we were buying cases for like $50. Seriously. This is real life.

And so Donald Trump bought Patricia Kluge’s vineyard and plastered his name on the great wine. Also to note, when Alex proposed back in the day, we celebrated with Kluge bubbly Blanc de Blanc (it’s just fab).

Now, back to the story at hand (that took awhile, I apologize). Kluge’s bubbly, packaged in Donald Trump’s name, was right there at The Old Mill Room. And, well, we were celebrating our anniversary so of course we bought a bottle. But our lovely waiter ended up giving us a second bottle completely for free on account of our anniversary.

And I was sloshed, dear readers. Goodness, it was just so tasty.

And, that, my friends, is why sometimes you end up better off celebrating at the fanciest of fancy places, where your husband must keep his jacket on and tie tightened, because where else are they going to pour you an entire complimentary extra bottle of fantastic wine? You see, this really was a fabulous story.

And now, for some crappy quality iphoneography. You are welcome!

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Election Day: A Blate

Excuse me while I brag. This year I had the best election day in the history of my adult life. And it had nothing to do with politics. It did, however, have everything to do with this fabulous friend of mine.


That’s right. I went on a blate. Well, a double blate? I don’t know what you’d claim it to be. Whatever you name it, it was simply this: two friends meeting for the first time halfway between their homes, husbands in tow, for a fabulous lunch and a stroll around a historical estate. Or, in fewer words: Alex and I met Kristin and her husband at Keswick Hall.

You see, they have been going to Keswick for years and one of the first things she mentioned to me when we met through blogging is that Alex and I simply must go visit. It was something under the lines of "What? You call Charlottesville your second home but you’ve never been to KESWICK?" So, kill two birds with one stone, why don’t I?

And it was wonderful. We dined on a harvest fair fit for royalty. We ordered hot chocolate and my husband drank his weight in water. We smiled and laughed. We played billiards. No, wait, that was our husbands. We played indoors-manual-mode on our cameras. And we got to know one another. In person, that is. And, oh, I have some fabulous news for the blogging world….

Everything you imagine Kristin to be… she’s that times one hundred. This girl is the real deal. I am so happy to call her a friend (in real life, yay!) and her husband is just as genuine and amazing as she is. If you don’t follow her blog already, you need to. She’s my go-to for everything from recipes to housekeeping tips to simply just wanting to read an awesome blog post. So enjoy this photo set from our election day out.







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A Beautiful Day


A little over 5 months ago on a crisp, bright, blessed fall day in the blue ridge mountains, Alex and I married in front of the people who make up our lives.  A day doesn’t pass without reminiscing on the laughter and tears from that day.  It was truly a beautiful day.  Charlottesville has a new wedding planning website and somehow we landed a feature role on it with our fall Veritas wedding.  For a peak into our little feature, head over to Borrowed and Blue.

Photography by Jodi Miller Photography.

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