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The Sunday Currently {11}

(we took a quick peek at the National Tree this afternoon…)


reading not too much. We are watching a lot of Christmas movies these days. Doesn’t leave much time for reading.

writing a Christmas dinner menu. Which will be followed by one last trip to the grocery store. We’re going the honey baked ham, sweet potatoes, Waldorf salad route.

listening to Maybe This Christmas’s Pandora station. It’s really awesome. Loving it.  Check it out. I’m not steering you wrong. Promise.

thinking how crazy it is that Christmas Eve is tomorrow night. And how sad it is that we are already 2 days into winter break. Time needs to slow itself down.

smelling chocolatecrinkles baking in the oven. :)

wishing we were in Michigan with my family right now. Sometimes plans have to change, but it’s going to be…. different…. spending my first Christmas without everyone. I love you all. Miss you all. Hugs and kisses. And lots of cookies and eggnog, too.

hoping our little Christmas here in Maryland will be a happy and blessed one. Lots of snuggles and hot chocolate and gifts and smiles and laughs. You know, the stuff that makes Christmas so special.

wearing my green Minnies, a black shirt and the earrings my bff, Katie, brought back from Kabul for me! I love them!

loving that I got to see said bff Friday night. And loving even more that we’ll ring in 2013 together!

wanting her to stay home forever and not go back to Afghanistan. (Are you reading this, Katie?!?!) Ok, good. Onward.

needing to visit the gym. Or go for a run. Between the cookies and the drinks and the lack of working out…. I think that it’s finally creeping up to me. Time to get back into a routine.

feeling so incredibly full. We went to Christmas brunch today with my in-laws. One of those Brazilian Steakhouse joints. Have you been to one? They keep feeding you meat until you are about to explode. Amazing for the glutton in us all.

clicking on this post. My cat is FAMOUS! Did you see him? There’s Baci, looking up at our tree ON NATALIE HOLBROOK’S BLOG!!!! I tried to explain what this meant to Baci, but he just looked at me and then nuzzled my arm. He didn’t get it. I celebrated his fame for him.

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