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The Sunday Currently {7}


reading The Happiness Project. Still loving it. :) Hopefully I’ll have some down time over Thanksgiving break to finish it!

writing list after list of things to be done around the house before we host Thanksgiving on Thursday. There is nothing like pending company to give you the power to clean and organize.

listening CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!! Oh how I love Christmas music. I love Nat King Cole. I love Elvis. I love Manheim Steamroller. I even love Hanson. I love it all. The classier, the better, too. (Though Hanson isn’t classy, it’s just a great album).

thinking about…. yeah. There’s a lot going on up there. I can’t quite formulate a thought fully for you. Sorry.

smelling hot apple cider.

wishing I didn’t have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow for 12 hours.

hoping said 12 hours go by very fast.

wearing my M22 hoodie. I love this thing… and Michigan. Get it? You may have to be from Michigan to get this one…

loving the fact that we are having company on Thursday means that my husband is finishing a ton of well overdue house projects today. The simple joys of marrying the world’s greatest procrastinator.

wanting to have my Christmas lists finished. I am having a hard time deciding what to get everyone this year.

needing a few free hours to hit up the movie theaters to see Lincoln and Anna Karenina. I especially want to see Anna. I remember dying when I saw it listed as one of five required summer readings at the end of 10th grade. That book… oh, that book. Looking back I can say that I am glad I sucked it up and read every single one of those thousand pages.

feeling guilty. I didn’t work out once during this work week. I went running today and was reminded I need to replace my shoes. And overall, it just makes me feel awful about neglecting my body like this.

clicking on my some greatly neglected blogs. I didn’t make it online much this week and I need to catch up on some favorites!

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