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If You Really Knew Me… The Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday and there will be 26 candles on my cake. Plus one for good luck. Happy birthday to me. (& happy wedding day to my undergrad freshman roomie, PN. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous self tie the knot!)


If you really knew me….

You’d know that Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey is my song.

And you’d know that I love the Beatles… & CCR…. & CSNY…. & Simon & Garfunkel…. & everything else that came out of the ‘60’s and early 70’s. 

But David Gray makes up the majority of the soundtrack to my romance.

You’d know that I have a tattoo on my lower right hip that says imagine. And it’s entirely related to John Lennon.

But I am terrified of needles. Go figure.

You’d know that it’s not just needles; it’s the whole damn hospital. I have panic attacks anytime I walk into a medical building. So don’t take it personally when I send my Get Well flowers via delivery man. It’s really better that way for the both of us.

If you really knew me…

You’d know that I went gambling once. I won my money back plus $10 but it was the most stressful experience of my life.

I will never gamble again.

You’d also know that my pillows have to be just so before I go to bed. This causes problems for me when I travel…

My neck is bad because I headed too many soccer balls when I was a kid.

But I loved playing soccer. Traveled to Europe to play and everything. And I was pretty good at it, too. 

Until I blew my knee out. Skiing.


If you really knew me, you’d also know that…

I brush my teeth real good… every morning. Never at night. And I’ve never had braces. And a stubborn bone in my body says I’ll stick it out until the dentist realizes I never, ever floss and I only brush once a day. Which hasn’t happened yet.

I love my friends but I’m terrible at keeping in touch.

I’m a homebody and when I’m out socializing, sometimes I crash. Without warning. And I need to go home. Because I am tired of being around people. 

Also, I love to nest.

And Little Women is my favorite Christmas movie. Next is The Snowman.

If you really, really knew me, you’d know that….

My favorite color right now is gray. Is that weird?

I want to adopt a baby sloth.

I don’t like slobbery dogs. No offense to your dog. But I find slobber super dirty. And slobber in a house? Even dirtier. It’s just not for me.

And if you really knew me, you’d be aware that I also…..

Hate tunnels. Not to the point where I won’t go in them. But I will tell you how much I hate them from the moment we enter to the moment we come up on the other side.

Get car sick easily so I’d prefer to drive if I’m in the car with you.

Avoid R rated movies with violence and gore at all costs. But if I have to watch it, I’ll need a blanket or pillow to cover my face. 

I refuse to be desensitized.


If you really knew me, you’d also know that….

My Meyers Briggs is ISTJ. Which stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. And that this is a dangerous combination. And that I’m supposed to be a lawyer.

And you’d know that if I could go back, I would be a lawyer.

And if I could do it all over again, I’d get a B.S. in Statistics. Then be a lawyer.

But more than being a lawyer, I want to be Mom. Or Mommy. Or Mama. And I can’t wait until the day when I am.

And if you really knew me, 

You’d know that all I need in life is my husband, my cats, my family and my friends.

And with them, I can tackle the world. For another 3 quarters of a century.

Happy Birthday to me.

(and props to Jenni for inspiring the formatting of this post)

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