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Audrey Hepburn Would Be Proud

In undergrad, I kept a tiny 18” TV/DVD box at the foot of my bed atop the dresser. Beside it laid my complete Audrey Hepburn collection. And Friends. But that is for another post.

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s every night before I went to bed. Just about 15 minutes of it, but I picked up where I left so that I would complete the entire movie in about a week. I saved her other movies for nights when I didn’t feel like being social. Or hungover in the morning. Audrey and I were best friends. We had a no boys allowed relationship that always left me feeling calm and collected. She’s got a particular, oh, je ne sais quoi…. poise. Not particularly a word I’d associate with myself in the slightest. 

That’s what I love about her. I yearn to be her. To have closet filled with Givenchy couture and Lacoste polos. To spend my days traveling the world as a Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef. To stand tall with perfect posture and magnificent presence. The epitome of class.

Let’s be honest. She is my icon. Long before my J.Crew Minnies, she danced in Funny Face. Before my tortoise shell sunnies, Audrey peered into the Tiffany’s shop window behind her iconic shades. Let’s not forget she made a bedsheet into a fashion staple way before “anything but clothes” parties hit the college scene. This girl knew the importance of a flattering collar on a quality wool coat (ladies, the collar of a coat must be flattering for your face). She rocked my ballet flats, made the shift dress sexy (yay!), and relied on two colors, black and white, to build her closet.


Alex puts up with Audrey rather well. When I’m sick with strep throat (annually, unfortunately), he surrenders the remote control and watches Two For the Road, Roman Holiday, Charade and Sabrina with me. He’s told me “I’ll think about it” in reference to naming our daughter Holly (no Golightly). Every time we watch the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, he cheers for Cat and comments on how cold the poor, wet thing must be. All in all, he wins major husband points in the Audrey department.

Katie and I spent the evening with Audrey. We doze in and out of sleep, cuddling with the cats. It’s something about her voice that hypnotizes as we drift in and out of consciousness. That’s okay. You only partially care about the movie. Mostly, you’re just there to see what she’s wearing in each scene.

When my quest began for the dress, I only had one sentence to describe what I wanted: “I want a dress Audrey would be proud of.” Class. Modern simplicity. Tailored perfection. None of these sequins and fancy silhouettes. It just wasn’t me. Or Audrey.

I strive to carry Audrey with me in my fashion decisions. What would Audrey wear? I believe it translates into a classic, timeless, simple, conservative closet. More importantly, it saves me from some horrible fashion fads. And most interestingly, turns my closet into a cheaper, smaller, sadder version of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe. Class, I tell you. These girls hold the secret.

So, while this isn’t a fashion blog in the slightest, I leave you with one final thought. Dress as you please, but always be yourself in fashion choices. And if, for whatever reason, you find yourself doubting an outfit, take my advice. What would Audrey wear? She never steers you wrong.

I love you, too.

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