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Veritas Revisted

Our 3 hour drive gave us the perfect opportunity to hash it out and clear the air.  Sinking into the velvet upholstery in the corner of the tasting room, we soaked in every moment over cheese and wine.  The mountain air renewed us.  The light through the windows bathed us.  The familiar faces comforted us.  The oak and tanins of the wine reminded us. 

The last time we were in the tasting room, we were looking out at our family and friends, lined up in drunken rows, raising sparklers high in the sky.  As we stepped through the double doors, out into the brisk night air,  we started our new life as husband and wife. 

There is a giant sign hanging over the bar at Veritas now.  It is made out of their corks, hangs on fish wire and says “LOVE”.  Walking into the tasting room yesterday, we were greeted with familiar faces and the warmth of memories roasting on the fire.  As I am about to say ”Nothing’s changed!”, we looked up.  Bam.  LOVE.

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