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Giving Thanks. Progressive Dinner 11.11.11

progressive dinner

We are fortunate enough to call our neighbors our best friends.  The relationships we’ve fostered over the past few years together are of the type that last a lifetime.  As a way to mix up our standard pizza, beer and wine nights, we plan progressive dinners for the holidays.  Each house is responsible for either appetizers, the main dish or dessert as well as a special beverage to go alone with it.  This time, we had appetizers.  I spent 3 days looking up apple cider recipes before deciding to dump the kitchen sink into the pot.  We’re talking everything from cinnamon sticks and brown sugar to whole cloves, brandy and rum.  It was amazing.  Sipping homemade cider while surrounded by your best friends is the perfect way to give thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving, from us.

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