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If I was in a relationship with running on facebook, “it’s complicated” wouldn’t even begin to accurately describe it.  First, there were the adolescent years of running on the soccer field.  When people found out I played left midfielder, the go-to response was always “oh, you must have a great left foot and you must LOVE to run”.  The go-to answer was “no, and NO”.  So once high school came and went, I betrayed running even more when I was introduced to the elliptical in the college gym.  My love affair with PrecorX was long lasting.

Then, I blew my knee out.  Torn cartilage and torn meniscus.  That’s all I needed to realize how much I had taken running for granted.  My physical therapy and training was all for one goal- to run again.  I still remember my first run post-knee blow out.  It was through the park behind my townhouse in college.  Slow, barely jogging pace.  But I made it the entire 1.5 miles pain free.  My gateway drug.

The embers were reignited.  What had I been missing?  Before I knew it, I was running 13 miles “just because”.  No plan, no training.  Just because it was a beautiful day and I didn’t have a care in the world and I could.  Most importantly, I realized something so deep about my relationship with running that I’m almost afraid to admit it.  Here it goes.

Running is my religion. 

It is my meditation.  It is my spiritual awakening.  It is “Tina Time”.  My brain is always on overload.  That’s just who I am.  But when I run, I can slow down enough to pull the tiniest moments into focus.  And just breathe.

So, like any religion, you have your good times and your bad times.  Recently, it’s been bad.  I might run a few times a month.  And I do it out of guilt for neglecting running.  Today was one of those times.  And it was glorious.  The cool, crisp fall air is ideal for me and my run.  The neighbors were especially friendly.  The foliage is in its prime.  At the end of the 3.5 mile circle, back at my house, I was ready to do it again.  I’m at a great point of new beginnings.  New marriage, new job, new name, new family, new blog!  While I’m at it, I should probably add a new running routine to that list.  Well, at least until the first snowfall.

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