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Whether you’re new to this blog or just browsing, here are some of my most popular and favorite posts to get you started. (& learn a thing or two about me):

Love, Marriage and Relationships:

1. Starting the Ending 

2. The Blogging Balance 

3. Love Notes: On Compromise

4. Love Notes: Making “Today” a Sacred Word

5. Pillars of the Earth

Friendship & Discovering Me:

1. Seeking a Friend for the Next Part of My Life

2. The Unspoken Truth About Crying On Your Wedding Day

3. Audrey Hepburn Would be Proud 

4. 5 Things

5. Importance

All of that stuff that comes with being a 20-something:

1. The Great American Dream

2. Contentment  

3. The C Word

4. Rain, Leap, then Prevail

5. Lessons Learned

6. If You Really Knew Me